These are some of my mostly-healthy and some not-so-healthy favs! Since there are only three of us, a lot of the quantities are too large, so there are many things—while I’m sure great finds—are simply not a good choice for us.

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Power Foods SymbolFoods marked with a green triangle are Weight Watchers Power Foods—which are good choices for everyone, and support the new 2014 Simple Start Program or Simply Filling Technique.

Click here for Why Weight Watchers Simple Start Works >>



PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Not shown in exported viewYBlueberriesTry these YUMMY Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins from Cooking Light >>
YSpaghetti Squash$4.79 for 2 giant squash!

Add a pat of butter (I use I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter) and Parmesan, or cinnamon sugar for a late night snack or to satisfy a sweet craving!
Not shown in exported viewYButternut Squash Cubes
$4.99/2 lb.

Try Butternut Squash and Apple Soup >>

Easy and healthy for during the week but fancy enough for company.
YCauliflower FloretsMini Cauliflower Pizza Bites >>
Fat Free Mashed Cauliflower Curry >>
Not shown in exported viewYAdagio Baby Eggplants
Gorgeous, soft-skinned, with small seeds and no bitter taste. They inspired my Healthy Baked Eggplant Parmesan with Bruschetta >>
YBananas$1.39/3 lb Ridiculous price! But I’m not convinced that the quality is the best. What do you think?
Not shown in exported viewYDole Classic Iceberg$1.99/3 lb.

I know, I know, iceberg has no nutritional value whatsoever. But I like it!
Not shown in exported viewYHouweling’s or Campari Cocktail Tomatoes on the Vine$4.99/2 lb—I use these in everything!

Pick smallish, rosy red ones; cut each into 2 – 4 wedges, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Trader Joe’s Balsamic Reduction. Yummy side dish for pizza. If you wanna get fancy add some Burrata Cheese Slices and sprinkle with basil chiffonade (thin strips).
Large Haas Avocados$4.99/5 Can’t beat that price.
Not shown in exported viewYNature Sweet Sunbursts Sweet Golden Snacking Tomatoes, $5.79/ 1 lb.Try Orna’s Caprese on a Stick >>
Not shown in exported viewYGrill-a-Bella Portabella Mushrooms$4.79 for 4
Try Orna’s Marinated Portabella Mushrooms—grilled or sautéed >>
Not shown in exported viewReady Pac Organic Caesar$4.29/ 1 lb bag.

Reduced fat dressing and pita croutons. Quite tasty.
Not shown in exported viewYSweet Kale Gourmet Salad$4.49/ 28 oz.

Yummy, crunchy, and super-healthy!
Not shown in exported viewYSweet Mini Peppers$3.79/ 2 lb. Cover a baking sheet with foil, spray with olive oil spray; roast peppers whole at 425 degrees until slightly charred, turning halfway. Add to salads or sandwiches.


PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Don Miguel Chicken EmpanadasThese are DELICIOUS! Just a little heat. Awesome for a party.7 WW PointsPlus for 4 empanadas
Cedarlane Baked Spinach Quinoa Cakes
LOVE these!!! Only 1.5g fat. Bake up the whole batch in the oven and then freeze smaller portions in Ziploc bags. Top with roasted red pepper hummus. Yummmm!Only 1 WW PP each!
Gluten Free
Not shown in exported viewCedarlane Veggie & Grain Bowl with Hummus and Quinoa$8.29 for 3 x 12 oz bowls
10g fiber and 12g protein to keep you feeling satisfied.
7 Weight Watchers PointsPlus per bowl
Gluten Free
YExtra Large Eggs$2.39 for 18 eggs
Don't use them for baking though! (Only use large eggs for baking, unless otherwise specified.)
Not shown in exported viewFresh Light Spinach Dip with low fat Greek Yogurt$6.99/ 32 ozWeight Watchers
Not shown in exported viewKasia’s Kosher Cheese Blintzes$7.79/ 12 blintzes. Sooo good.Entertaining
Kid Friendly
Not shown in exported viewKasia’s Pierogi, Potato & Cheese$9.99/ 3 x 14 oz packages.

I was so disappointed when Trader Joe’s stopped carrying Pierogies. These are really good too.
Kid Friendly
Not shown in exported viewPasta Prima Chicken & Mozzarella RavioliOrna’s Fav!

Great way to sneak protein into the kids! Drizzle with olive oil and parmesan cheese and add a side salad for a complete meal.
6 Weight Watchers PointsPlus per serving
Kid Friendly
Not shown in exported viewSabra Hummus with Pine Nuts$5.95/ 32 oz—fav hummus for entertaining.2 Weight Watchers PointsPlus per serving


PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Fage Total 0%$11.69 for 12 cups
Fun flavors. Not a Weight Watchers Power Food because of the added sugar, but still a good choice.
3 WW PP per cup
YDannon Light & Fit$13.79 for 18 cupsWeight Watchers Simple Start
Not shown in exported viewMini Babybel, Light$9.99/ 28 mini cheeses, great price.1 Weight Watchers PointsPlus each
Kid Friendly
Weight Watchers
Not shown in exported viewYFage Total, 0% Greek Yogurt$4.89. for 32 oz. Add a spoon or two to cereal with milk for a creamier, filling breakfast.Weight Watchers
Not shown in exported viewCacique Queso Fresco Cheese$6.99/ 2 x 26 oz cheeses. LOVE this cheese. Same crumbly texture as feta. Add to salads or tacos for a different flavor. You can find smaller quantities at most markets to see if you like it!Weight Watchers
Not shown in exported viewCelebrity Goat Cheese, Apple and CinnamonUncle Norm gets full credit for discovering this incredibly delicious cheese! The creamy, slightly tangy cheese reminds me of the filling of a cheese blintz, and the cinammony apples on the outside have that familiar deliciousness of apple pie. Who knew?2 WW PP per 1-inch cube (28g)
Not shown in exported viewFormaggio Marinated Mozzarella$10.69/ 2.5 lb.

Try Orna’s Caprese on a Stick >>
Weight Watchers

Meat and Poultry

PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Not shown in exported viewAidells Pineapple & Bacon Smoked Chicken Sausage$13.49 for 3 x 1 lb packages
They don't always have these, so if you see 'em, grab 'em! Slice on the diagonal and sauté in cooking spray until caramelized. Serve with Trader Joe's Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce or Pineapple Salsa.
Gluten Free
Kid Friendly
Not shown in exported viewAidells Chicken & Apple Smoked Chicken Breast$12.89 for 32 oz
Serve with Dill Pickles and Trader Joe's Carolina BBQ Sauce for the ultimate, low-carb appetizer! Only 30 calories per slice.
Comes in four, individually shrink wrapped, 8 oz packages.
Such a nice change from the usual turkey!
2 WW PP for 2 slices
I personally consider it a Weight Watchers Power Food.
All Natural
Gluten Free
Kid Friendly
Not available in exported viewAidells Chicken & Apple Sausage$13.49 for 3 x 1 lb packages.
Sam loves these. I prefer Trader Joe’s Chicken Apple Sausage because they are lower in fat, but these are more tasty—great for entertaining. Slice into 1-inch thick pieces and sauté in cooking spray until nice and caramelized; serve with Trader Joe’s Pineapple Salsa or Costo’s Mango Peach Salsa.
Gluten Free
Kid Friendly
Not available in exported viewAidells Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs$13.29/46 oz
Not available in exported viewBeef Loin Tri Tip SteaksThey recently started carrying Beef Loin Tri Tip Steak Strips—much easier and faster cooking than a huge slab of Tri Tip. And great price!

Try Anne Burrell’s Steak Rub >>
Not available in exported viewYKirkland Signature Grilled Chicken Breast Strips$10.99/ 2 lbWeight Watchers
Not shown in exported viewBeef BrisketIf you own a slow cooker, this Southwestern Pulled Beef Brisket makes fantastic tacos or sammies! >>Entertaining
Not available in exported viewKirkland Signature Honey Roasted Turkey BreastWeight Watchers
Not available in exported viewYKirkland Signature Oven Roasted Turkey Breast$6.99/ 1 lb—very tasty, 98% fat free, no preservatives. Tastes like real turkey that was roasted in the oven!Weight Watchers
Not available in exported viewMeal Mart Turkey Stuffed PeppersSprinkle with a little Lawry's Seasoning Salt to bring out more flavor. I love that they don't have any rice in them–just ground turkey and soy protein concentrate, for a low fat, high protein meal. Add a fried egg on the side to complete the experience!6 WW PP for 1 stuffed pepper

Prepared Foods

PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Ready Pac Bistro Chicken Caesar Salad$4.89 for 2 bowls
FAV new salad! Definitely worthy. I like that there aren’t any croutons because I usually just take them out anyway—I’d rather have the extra protein.
6 WW PP per bowl
Rotisserie Chicken Leg Quarters$4.99 for 8!
I know that a leg and thigh isn’t a Weight Watchers Power Food, but to me the dark meat is so much more delicious. And besides a leg and thigh is a controlled amount: I certainly never came to WW because of a chicken leg! And where can you find 8 meals for $5?!!
YRotisserie Chicken Breast Meat$11.99 for 2 lb 10 oz
Try it in Quick Mexican Chicken Soup with Hominy >>
Weight Watchers Simple Start
The Biggest Loser Kale SaladI was reluctant to buy this because of the 19g fat, but a sweet lady said how wonderful it is, and she was right! (Thanks Thelma!) Light and fresh and didn't taste packaged.
I only used half the dressing, which was just tangy enough. I could do with more than the 5g protein, but it's a fantastic vegetarian option.
I don't love that it says "it's easy to be good" on the package - to me that implies that if you're not eating rabbit food, you're being "bad". Not.
8 Weight Watchers PointsPlus - with all the dressing.
Not shown in exported viewMesquite WingsDelicious! Just enough of a kick, and a nice change from plain roast chicken. (I remove the skin.)Entertaining
Not available in exported viewYFuji Foods Organic Edemame$3.99/ 24 oz—one of my favorite snacks.Kid Friendly
Weight Watchers
Not available in exported viewReady Pac Bistro Santa Fe Style$4.89/ 2 x 6.25oz bowls. I find the minuscule amount of chicken laughable, but Sam likes them. 280 calories for one bowl, 20g fat if you use all the dressing; good for a meal on the go.
Not available in exported viewReady Pac Bistro Spinach Dijon SaladI prefer this one to the Santa Fe Style. 280 calories/ bowl.

Warning! Make sure to check for a good date!
Not shown in exported viewYKirkland Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken$4.99. Can’t beat that price! But make sure to get one that is very well done. They still seem like the fattiest chickens ever. Better when you reheat in the oven.Weight Watchers


PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Not shown in exported viewSkinny Cow Ice Cream Bars$9.79 for 20 bars
Delicious Vanilla and Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches.
4 Weight Watchers PointsPlus each.
Kid Friendly
Not shown in exported viewDino Chicken Nuggets$10.99/5 pounds—Shhh… don’t tell, but these are Sam’s favorite meal. (That’s the hubby; toddler likes them too.) We tried the wholewheat Mickey Mouse ones but hubby vetoed them for Dino’s.Kid Friendly


PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Not shown in exported viewYKirkland Black Pepper Grinder$4.89 for a 6.3 oz grinder - fantastic price!
Not available in exported viewKikkoman Panko Japanese Style Bread Crumbsfantastic price! 2lb for $4.25.

Try Mediterranean Turkey Cutlets >>
Not available in exported viewYKirkland Signature Balsamic Vinegar of Modena$10.99/1 Liter BottleWeight Watchers
Not available in exported viewYKirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany$11.99/1 Liter Bottle.
I use this for my day-to-day cooking, salad dressing, etc.
Weight Watchers
Not available in exported viewYKirkland Signature Ground Saigon Cinnamon$2.65/10.7oz

I was always scared to buy Cinnamon from Costco and spent a fortune buying smaller quantities. A professional chef saw me checking it out and convinced me that the quality was excellent. He was right!
Try Orna’s Oaty Chews (Traditional South African “Crunchies”) >>
Not available in exported viewKirkland Signature Raw Pine Nuts$23.99/ 24 oz. Keep opened nuts in the freezer. Try Anne Burrell’s Pignoli Cookies >>


PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Not available in exported viewMenage a TroisRed, California wine. $6.69 If you like Pinot Noir you HAVE to try this. My fav wine anywhere. Trader Joe’s carries it for $7.99.

Breads, Baked Goods, etc.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I have a little “thing” for baked goods and bread. I usually try to avoid this section for that reason, so you will not find many things listed—though I’m sure they’re all pretty amazing!
PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Labriola Pretzel Slider Buns$5.99 for 16 rolls
Softest, doughiest bread ever! Try lean roast beef topped with cole slaw and a Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce for a ROCKIN’ roast beef sammy!
Not shown in exported viewSunrise Clusters with Greek yogurt chips by Best Express$8.99 for 28 oz bowl
Can't believe the "greek yogurt" label suckered me in, but it did! Tasty and jam packed with healthy goodies, but not exactly a low calorie item, and very more-ish so purchase with caution!
4 Weight Watchers PointsPlus for 3 pieces (28g)
Not shown in exported viewMadeleines by Sugar Bowl Bakery$6.75 for 1 lb 12 oz (28 cookies)
Soft, cakey, delicious traditional French Cookies.
If you're craving something sweet that won't completely break the points bank, these will do the trick.
4 Weight Watchers PointsPlus for 1 cookie (28g)
Not shown in exported viewKirkland Whole Wheat RoundsSo soft and satisfying! Compare to Orowheat Sandwich Thins. Freeze well. Try a Boca burger, loaded with pickles, tomato and lettuce for a super-satisfying, healthy lunch!2 WW PP per round
Not available in exported viewPosh Pantry Lemon Cooler CakeBest Lemon Cake around—moist and perfectly lemony, and you couldn’t make it yourself for that price!Entertaining


PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Not available in exported viewYMinsley Cooked Steelcut Oatmeal with Dried Berries & SeedsFavorite on-the-go breakfast! Just microwave for 1 minute and mix with boiling water or milk. Sooo good!!!! I keep the packet of raisins, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds in the car for emergency snack attacks.BEST Weight Watchers
Simple Start Breakfast!
Oatmeal Cup 4 WW PP
Topping Pack 1 WW PP
Not available in exported viewYCoach’s Oats$6.39/72oz—my favorite breakfast! See Fav Food Find >>

Try Orna’s Oaty Chews (Traditional South African “Crunchies”) with Coach’s Oats >>
Weight Watchers
Simple Start
4 WW PointsPlus for 1/3 cup dry
Not available in exported viewYQuaker Oats Old Fashioned Oatmeal$8.29/ 10 lb

Try Orna’s South African Oatmeal “Crunchies” >>
Weight Watchers
Simple Start

Pasta, Rice, and Grains

PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Not available in exported viewYMinsley Organic Cooked Brown RiceFavorite brown rice. Wonderful nutty, chewy texture without being mushy.

It makes these Turkey Stuffed Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Red Peppers a snap!
Weight Watchers Simple Start
3 WW PP for 3.7 oz (half a container)
Gluten Free
Kid Friendly

Snacks and Treats

PhotoWeight Watchers Power FoodNameDescriptionNotes
Hail Merry Miracle Tart$8.99 for 12 tarts
Meyer Lemon Mini Tarts - only 100 calories each.
3 WW PointsPlus each
Gluten Free
Kid Friendly
Paleo Friendly
Bamboo Lane Crunchy Rice RollersNot too sweet. Only 45 calories each. Just make sure you can stop at one or two, or don’t buy them!1 WW PP each
Gluten Free
Kid Friendly
Cosomi Cookie-Cracker by OrionNow in all So-Cal stores! Sweet and salty goodness with a slight hint of sesame. Oh so good! They come in 20 individual packs—great for traveling. Gelsons market carries them too.4 Weight Watchers PointsPlus for 13 crackers
Barefruit Fuji Red Crunchy ApplesCrispy but not tough, and I love that they left the skin on, so 4 grams of fiber per serving3 WW PP for 1/2 cup (28g)
Calimyrna Figs by Made in Nature$10.99 for 40 oz
These are the BEST! Two or three after dinner is the perfect sweet treat. (For me it’s safer to buy smaller bags from Trader Joe’s)
2 WW PP for 1/3 cup
No Sugar Added
That’s It Fruit BarsLOVE these! Diggin’ the new blueberry flavor. 100 calories, no sugar added; just fruit, that’s it!
Only $11.99 for 12 bars - great price. (You can also find them at Whole Foods & Gelsons Market)

See Top 10 Healthy Travel Snacks >>
3 WW PointsPlus per bar
Gluten Free
Not shown in exported viewMamma Chia Chia Squeeze, Blackberry BlissYummy blend of chia seeds, fruit and vegetables in a handy pouch for a healthy, anytime snack.
Not too sweet and I like the interesting texture from the seeds. They have more protein and fiber, and less carbs and sugar than GoGo Squeeze Applesauce.
I even got thumbs up from the little one - though she didn't like the seeds at the bottom.
1 WW PP per pouch.
Car/ Travel
Gluten Free
Kid Friendly
Not shown in exported viewReal Sliced Fruit, KirklandOne bag is just enough to take the edge off a hungry tummy in transit! Love love love the cinnamon apples and the apples. Not as crazy about the strawberry banana bags - a little tart and harder on the teeth, but still do-able.1 Weight Watchers PointsPlus per pouch.
Kid Friendly
Not shown in exported viewCorazonas Mini Oatmeal SquaresPeanut Butter and Chocolate Chip
90 - 100 calorie, whole grain, super-delicious bars! Great cookie fix. SO much more "worthy" to me than spending 10 - 15 points on baked goods at the mall or coffee shop, etc.
2 WW PP per bar
Not shown in exported viewFood Should Taste Good
Sea Salt Brown Rice Crackers
If you like the flavor of sesame seeds you HAVE to try these!
Oven baked, with a wonderful crispy, crunchy texture.
Brown rice, sesame and flax seeds, quinoa, amaranth, tamari
Great for dipping, or just to eat plain.
4 WW PP per serving.
Gluten Free
Not shown in exported viewAngie's Snack PacksLow fat popcorn and Kettle Corn in single serving bags. You can find these at Target too.Gluten Free
Not shown in exported viewCrunchmaster Multi-Grain CrackersFive seed oven baked crackers.3 WW PP for 15 crackers (30g)
Not available in exported viewBelvita Breakfast Biscuit$6.79/ 60

I had been wanting to try these, but didn’t buy because 8g of fat; but seeing them at Costco convinced me to try them. I of course didn’t buy them there! Tried the Oatmeal Flavor from Ralph’s Market. Very good. Not something I would make a habit of eating, but good for occasional on-the-go breakfast treat.

See Top Ten Healthy Travel Foods >>
6 Weight Watchers PointsPlus for 4 biscuits.

Not available in exported viewCalbee Snapea Crisps$6.29/ 2 x 9 oz bags. Trader Joe’s carry smaller bags of their own brand—probably Calbee packaged as TJ’s!Kid Friendly
Not available in exported viewCorazonas Oatmeal Squares(Blueberry/ Chocolate Chip) $18.89/ 24 bars. My favs are the Peanut Butter, which I don’t usually buy in bulk. They’re good to keep in the car because they don’t melt.Weight Watchers
Not available in exported viewKirkland Signature California PistachiosBefore the holidays they carry cute, plastic containers filled with Pistachios—great gift idea.Entertaining
Gift Idea
Not available in exported viewKirkland Signature Everybody’s Nuts, Salt & Pepper Pistachios.Entertaining
Not available in exported viewKirkland Super Extra-Large PeanutsSoooooo good! Only for guests! $6.99/ 40 oz can.Entertaining
Not available in exported viewPhilippine Brand, Dried Young MangoWe fell in love with this stuff on our “Baby Moon” at the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, where they pass it around at the pool. We went on a mission to find it, and couldn’t believe our eyes when they had it at Costco! I found mini bags of the mango and coconut at Target in California.
Not available in exported viewPhilippine Brand, Dried Young Coconut$8.99/18oz bag

See Fav Food Find >>

I also LOVE the Roasted Coconut Chips at Trader Joe’s >>
Not available in exported viewPretzel Crisps$5.99/ 26 oz bag.Weight Watchers


Not shown in exported viewAmericas test kitchen cookbook$26.99

This might be my favorite cookbook—and I own MANY. Makes a great wedding gift!
Gift Idea
Not available in exported viewKirkland Signature Parchment Paper$5.89/ 205 SQF. I use this for all my baking, and cooking too.I prefer precut parchment sheets - no cutting necessary! Get them on Amazon
Gordon Ramsay Maze by Royal DoultonOnly $49.99 for four place settings.
Stoneware Dinnerware. Classy enough for entertaining, but durable for everyday use. Love it!!
Cuisinart Set of 3 Tongs$19.99
I couldn’t live without my tongs. Heat resistant silicon heads won’t scratch your pans.
Spanx Mid-Thigh Shorts$14.99
Spanx at Costco! Yipee! If you haven't tried these, go get them!
Not shown in exported viewMaria's Italian Kitchen Gift CardsGreat deal!
Two $50 cards for $79.99
Love Maria's! Best Apple Crumble on earth! Fabulous chopped salad - add Sesame Chicken for a complete meal.
Gift idea
Not shown in exported viewCalifornia Pizza Kitchen Gift CardsTwo $50 gift cards for $79.99
Their new menu is fantastic - lots of light, healthy choices. Try the Butter Cake! ( Not-so-healthy but unbelievable dessert).
Gift Idea
Not available in exported viewKirkland Baby Wipes$29.99/ 900 wipes. These wipes miraculously take marks off furniture and carpet. We carry them everywhere we go!
Not available in exported viewKirkland Moist Flushable Wipes$18.99 for 600 wipes. Good for toddler tushies!
Toyshands down the best toys and prices anywhere. Especially in the Holiday Season, when you see something buy it because chances are they’ll be out by the time you come back.
Not available in exported viewCetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser2 x 20 oz bottles. Love this stuff! Dermatologist recommended. Now I even have my hubby using it.
Not available in exported viewFekkai Technician Color$29.99. Fav shampoo.
Regal Movie Certificates$15.99/ 2 tickets.
Not available in exported viewSee’s Candies Certificates$27.99 for 2 pounds. We always take a box of See’s Candies with us when we travel; better than eating all those rich, chocolately desserts at restaurants.Travel
Gift Idea
Not available in exported viewKirkland Signature pre-cut Foil Sheets. Fits perfectly on toaster oven tray. Couldn’t live without these.
Not available in exported viewKirkland Signature Stretch-Tite$12.99/ 3000 SQF.

THE best plastic food wrap.
Not available in exported viewReynolds Heavy Duty Foil$13.59/ 2 rolls.
Ziploc Gallon Freezer Bags$11.99/ 4 packs of 38. I freeze all my cookies in these! Put the bag on a small baking sheet, add cookies, remove air with a straw; seal and freeze on baking sheet until frozen solid; remove baking sheet.
Not available in exported viewZiploc Quart Freezer Bags$10.79/ 4 packs of 54. Great for icing cookies or piping cookie dough.
Not available in exported viewZiploc Quart & Gallon Storage Bags$10.99. I learned from a caterer to put ALL leftovers in ziplock bags. Easy clean-up after, and everything fits in your fridge!
Not available in exported viewSocial Networking for Seniorsfabulous info on Twitter, Facebook Google + and more.Gift Idea
Not available in exported viewMy personal Fav magazines:Cooking Light Magazine, Clean Eating, Cook’s Illustrated, Weight Watcher’s, Oprah
Not available in exported viewBooksGreat selection and fantastic prices. I just purchased Fabio’s Italian Kitchen and am loving the personal and touching stories of his childhood. The recipes look fabulous too; can’t wait to try them!Gift Idea
Not available in exported viewTrade Shows to Look Out ForMasterclad Pro Series Saute Pans—fantastic, dishwasher & oven safe.Gift Idea
Not available in exported viewOtomixcomfy, cute activewear.

Sign up on for when they will be at your nearest Costco.

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  1. The Sweet Kale Salad is delicious…we eat it often!

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    • I’ve been dying to try it! Since Sam and Aja won’t eat it, that would be a lot of kale for me to get through! I’ll have to try it at your house. 🙂

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  2. I was under the impression that avocados are not a Power Food…..and because the Minsley Steelcut Oatmeal has dried fruit and seeds, it would not count as one either…I’m new to the program…so maybe I’m wrong ~ Help! 🙂

    Post a Reply
    • Thank you for pointing that out, Shari – the green triangle was next to the avocados in error! If you’re following Simple Start just count the 1 point for the seeds and dried fruit, or don’t eat it. I include the points values in the right column so you have the option. Hope that helps! 🙂

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  3. Here are a couple of other things I get at Costco that work great for Weight Watchers! They both vegetarian, kosher, have no preservatives, and come in a pack of six microwaveable pouches containing two servings each. Unfortunately, I don’t have my receipt, so I don’t remember what I paid for them.

    Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice (certified organic) – 6 PointsPlus per serving
    Tasty Bite Madras Lentils (GMO-free) – 4 PointsPlus per serving

    The serving size on the quinoa and brown rice is a full cup, so I usually get four servings out of it. One of my favorite quick meals when is to put 1/2 cup of the quinoa in a bowl and top it with the lentils. It’s a really yummy 7 PointsPlus vegetarian meal that is easily portable and will stay with me for hours thanks to the combined 5.5g of fiber and 10g of protein.

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks Melissa – great ideas! I’ll look out for them next time I go.

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  4. I loved reading this. Hope to go to Costco tomorrow.

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    • Glad you liked my list Cindy – let me know if you find anything new and interesting!

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  5. Orna,

    I steam the Costco Roasted Chicken. I found that heating it up in the oven usually turned out a dry chicken and then I started using my pasta pot with a steam basket insert. The chicken stays moist.

    I can no longer find the Kirkland parchment paper in our local Costco. Not sure if it has been discontinued or it has become a seasonal item. Really disappointed!

    Love the website and the shopping list.


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    • Thanks for writing in Donna – and what a great tip about steaming the chicken – I’ll share that on my FB page. I actually much prefer using parchment sheets instead of cutting the paper, but they can get a little pricy if you get them from Sur La Table. I’m looking for a good source on Amazon – I’m adding it now next to the parchment on this list.

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  6. Great site!!! Thank you

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Kathy!

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  7. What about the dried seaweed you can get at Costco? Is that considered a Power Food?

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    • Hmmm… I’ll have to check up on that one for you Beth. I’m guessing it depends on what the fat/sodium etc. content is.

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  8. Do you heat up the veggie & grain bowls?

    Post a Reply
    • Jay, since they have hummus in them I’m guessing they would be better cold – but you could try heating them up too.

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  9. Where did you find the mold for the yogurt pops? Love the idea.
    Thank you!

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