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Losing weight doesn’t mean sticking to a boring “diet” and feeling hungry and deprived. These days there are tons of interesting food choices, and fun ways to stay active and healthy—and my mission is to help you find them!

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About Me

I am not an extreme workout freak/skinny minnie . I am YOU. Having struggled with my weight from a very young age, and changing myself completely from the inside out—no longer binge eating or feeling controlled by food—my passion is to empower others, and help them find the confidence and compassion they need to lose weight and keep it off.

Weight Watchers was a big part of my journey—first as a member, and then becoming a leader and ambassador—and I’m a huge advocate for the program.

My true metamorphosis began with the start of what was then called their “Core Plan”—now known as Simply Filling Technique, and the more recent Simple Start Plan—which focus on Weight Watchers Power Foods, which are good for you, and are less likely to trigger the eater in you.

Orna Before and After

If I can do it, you can do it!

No more yo-yo-ing and starting and stopping the “diet.” There is no diet. There’s just you, and every day, and making better choices—one day and one moment at a time—until you get better and better at it. (And being kinder to yourself when you slip up, which will happen.)

It’s time to change your relationship with food for good, and I am here to help. I will help you make lifestyle changes that are easy to maintain—because maintaining your weight loss is the most important part. I will inspire you to become your best self, and be HAPPY along the way.

For some people, the emotional side of things is what they need help with, since that’s something that cannot be addressed in depth at Weight Watchers. Everyone’s personal situation—family, relationships, work—is different, and each of these factors affects how successful we are and what makes us struggle or thrive. Even if you’re going to Weight Watchers meetings, it’s impossible for your leader to address your personal needs and issues, so if you feel like you need extra support, private coaching can make all the difference. 

How private coaching works

  • There’s no one-size-fits-all in weight loss; everyone is different, so I customize the sessions to each client.
  • You will fill out a questionnaire to help me figure out what exactly I can help you with.


Some of the things we will cover

  • Is Simple Start, Simply Filling, or PointsPlus the right plan for you? We will customize the plan to suit your lifestyle (I’m a huge advocate for Simple Start and Simply Filling, as this way of eating was life-changing for me, so I can give you lots of tips for eating that way.)
  • Do you need meal and snack ideas? Are you mindlessly grabbing for sugary bars and snacks because you don’t plan ahead?
  • Do you take care of everyone else before taking care of yourself?
  • Is emotional eating stopping you from achieving your goals?
  • Are you overeating the good stuff? We will work on being in touch with your hunger signals and stopping when you are satisfied. (This is HUGE if you’re doing Simple Start or Simply Filling)
  • What are your triggers? We will eliminate your triggers to protect you from yourself!
  • Is your environment safe? We will discuss how you and your weight loss fits in with the family, and how your environment affects your success.
  • Saboteurs: are there certain foods—or people—that are getting in the way of your success?
  • Are you active? This doesn’t mean going to the gym five days a week. We will find creative ways to get you moving that you enjoy and keep doing.
  • Could you be making better food choices? Are you doing your best or doing what it takes?
  • Have you hit a plateau? I will look at your food diary if necessary and help you find new and exciting substitutes for the things you crave.
  • Are one or two little habits stopping you from getting results? (Eating while standing, not eating breakfast, frozen yogurt every day, etc.) I believe in changing things one at a time and I promise in time you will see results.
  • Are you a new mom? No time to cook? I will help you to optimize your time at the market and get quick, healthy meals on the table.
  • Are you a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member who just can’t find the motivation to do it like that first time when you got to goal?
  • Our weekly check-ins will keep you accountable and motivated.
  • Do you quit when the going gets tough? I will encourage you NEVER to quit. Every meal is an opportunity to make the best choices possible, no matter what happened before. You just pick yourself back up and start again in the next moment. No beating up on yourself allowed.
  • Are you doing Weight Watchers Online and need some additional support?

 Are you REALLY ready?

Making the decision to lose weight is a commitment and a life change. No-one else can decide when you’re ready.  I’m not just talking about a three-day-cleanse, or a 30-day-paleo challenge. All diets come to an end, and for me, the pain of re-gaining is much worse than just staying the same. What I’m talking about here is really taking a look at what’s been holding you back and making little changes that will make you feel happy, inspired, and good about yourself every day. If you’re ready to be who you really want to be, here is your opportunity.


$60 for a half hour session—by phone or Skype

$110 for one hour session—by phone or Skype

$210 NEW YEAR SPECIAL—4 x half hour sessions by phone or Skype 

Coaching Options

*Please Note: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all coaching sessions

Email [email protected] to set up an appointment, or drop me a line here.


You can read more about me and my weight loss journey, in my new eBook:

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I met Orna in 2006 at Weight Watchers. She was such a different leader than any one I had been to. Very real, inspiring, compassionate, motivating and really gets it from her own experience of the weight loss and body issues that can cause much suffering for many people—myself being one. Orna truly has a calling and expertise to help people on th…
Denise B.


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