Cosomi Salty Sweet Cookie-Crackers, by Orion

Sweet and salty goodness with a slight hint of sesame and coconut. Mmmmm good!

If you like that sweet-salty taste like me (former Kettle Corn addict), you should try these.

They were on sale at Gelson’s today so I just couldn’t resist.

Not sure why saving about 50 cents compels me to purchase something which I ordinarily would never even have noticed. I think it goes back to the “free food” issue that I’m convinced I developed in college!

Anyone else have that problem?

They come in 4 cute little individual packs.

Cosomi Cookie-Cracker by Orion

Warning: Very more-ish! (South African expression for wanting more!)

To me it’s more of a thin, crispy, light and airy cookie than a cracker. What do you think?

Not a low point food. But definitely delicious. Would be good to serve for guests or take on a trip.

Mr. Picky gave them the thumbs up! One pack is on its way to my in-laws right now. I’ll let you know the verdict…

It looks like they’re only for sale at Gelson’s Market in Southern California right now; I’ll update if I find them anywhere else.

Click here for more info on these lovely cookie-crackers >>

Cosomi Nutritionals

Nutritional info for 13 crackers (29g)

Calories 150

Fat 8g

Carb 19g

Protein 2g

Fiber less than 1g

4 Weight Watchers PointsPlus for 13 crackers.

If you can’t control yourself around these kinds of things don’t buy them!

If you like coconut, try the Roasted Coconut Chips at Trader Joe’s >>

Author: Orna

Orna Purkin is the creator of OrnaBakes—where healthy meets yummy. As a former Weight Watchers Leader and Ambassador, her passion is to inspire others with her healthy recipes, favorite food finds, and weight-loss tips — with the odd confession here and there!

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  1. So where can I buy them? They are delicious and I want more!

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    • From their FB page: We are currently sold only in LA region and planning to be at Costcos in North CA area mid September!
      For fans in other states, you can meet us soon online, we will definitely keep you posted!

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        • Hi Mary, I just sent them a message on Facebook to let me know if they become available anywhere other than Gelsons in Southern California. I think it’s high time they sell them online or at least through Amazon! I’ll let you know if I get good news! Where are you located? Best, Orna

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  2. Where can I buy the salty sweet cracker?

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    • I’m afraid they’re only available at Gelsons Markets in California at this time.

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  3. Where can I find these – I have searched high and low to no avail!

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    • I’m afraid they’re only available at Gelsons in Southern California for now. :(

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        • Yes! I was SO pumped to find them at my local Costco, and Cosomi verified that they are now in ALL So-Cal Costco Stores. Woohoo!

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  4. I had the pleasure of trying some at Dodger Game versus Rockies. They were awesome, taste really good and light. I wanted more after first sample. I highly recommend.

    Signed DP 48

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  5. Just did a tasting a Costco near me and I am in love. My mother and I each bought two boxes!

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  6. These crackers are soooo good.. reminds me of japanese treats when we were young.
    I get a pack or two from our office blgs. sundry store and I know they get them at Costco.
    I will have to pick up a supply of my own there! Thanks/Mahalo for sharing/making these awesome treats! aloha from Hawaii

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    • You’re most welcome Gina – I didn’t know you could get them in Hawaii! Cool.

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  7. I love these cookies I can’t find them please send me a case I am in long Beach CA .they were handing them out at the west Hollywood pride sat June 7th and the are bomb help please I need some more thank you for your cookies

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  8. why on why did costco stop selling — they are great !!!!!

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    • They still carry them at the Costco in Westlake Village – in fact it was my understanding that all the Southern California Costos carry them now. Where do you shop? I’ll try to do some inquiring for you!

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      • Unfortunately, Costco does not sell them anymore. I have been to at least 3 Costco locations and I didn’t find any…

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  9. My family and I are hooked on your Cosomi cookie-crackers. We used to purchase them at Costco, but they were out. Where else can I get then in Ventura County or are you going to still be with Costco.

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  10. HI


    what happen—they don’t carry them any more–so sad

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    • I didn’t know that Costco stopped carrying them Carole – that is very sad indeed. :( I’ll look into it and get back to you.

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  11. I need my cosomi cookies! I went to Costco yesterday. NO COOKIES. I was told they no longer carry them. Needless to say I was VEXED. I’ve submitted a request for their return,we will see. I asked my friends to do the same because you see,I have them hooked on these fabulous cookies too. I gave my last box away to a friend knowing I could buy more. Not happening. Please let me know where they can be purchased. Thank-you Rosie

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    • I know, Rosie, you’re not the first person to be SO sad about this! It’s such a fabulous product (and great company) and they should be ALL over the place! I recommend following them on FB for updates. And there are a few boxes left on Amazon:

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  12. Where can I purchase your Cosomi Crackers, I’ve been looking for them ever since I purchased a box from Costco and they have ran out of stock, please let me know if I can order them on line.



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    • Sadly these are no longer available at Costco… for now. I’ll let you know when they’re back.

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  13. I am so bummed! My Costco has stopped selling the Cosomi Cookie Crackers. Please let me know where I can purchase these amazing snack cookie crackers. My son is hooked on them!

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    • I don’t know what Costco was thinking when they discontinued these. So sad. :( Hopefully enough people will complain and they’ll bring them back.

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  14. Hi there:

    One of my customer had tried your cookie and asked if I can find it for them.
    I have a small Coffee Service business in California. I was told they have it at
    Costco but, they told me it was discontinued. We would like to purchase them by cases.
    Can you let me know where I can get them.

    Elisa Bauman

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    • And… you can try Gelsons Markets in California – though you won’t find wholesale pricing there! I recommend contacting Cosomi directly, since I am not affiliated with them – I’m just a blogger who LOVES their cookie-crackers. 😉

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  15. please bring these awesome crackers back to Costco in Maui Hawaii!!! I love them, got hooked on them and now they don’t stock them. Please, please, please!!!

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  16. I bought a package at Costco in Rancho Mirage and loved them! I went back to purchase more and were no longer available. I’m on the list to be notified at Amazon, but have no idea how long that will be. HELP–I am having Cosomi withdrawal.

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    • I hear they will be available via very soon. Costco simply moved on from Cosomi to bring in other products. They cycle through many mfgs and their products. It was a one time gig for Costco to have Cosomi. I know this b/c I’m friendly with their dry goods buyer.

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      • Thanks for sharing that info Brian. That’s a good connection to have. 😉

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        • I thought that Costco was more responsive. Why would they sell such a yummy product, actually taste test it, and then when there is a demand for it, stop selling it. Come on Coctco and Cosomi work it out! These cookie-crackers should be on Costco shelves!!!

          Tracy Callaway

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          • I totally agree Tracy!

  17. Can we buy these on line and have them shipped to Canada as I have looked everywhere to find them locally (Vancouver0 such delicious treats and totally addictive.

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    • Hi Carol, I recommend contacting Cosomi/Orion directly or checking their Facebook page. Good luck!

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  18. Bought then today 1/25/2015 at Costco Eugene Oregon
    couldn’t put them down my Mom 88 years old and I almost ate one whole box Yum Yum. Costco has them 5 boxes within
    a box $9.99

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    • I know, Michaella, they’re pretty darn addictive!

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      • Just about to go get some more I for see
        eating these for along time in the future.

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  19. I have a friend that tried these cosomi cookie crackers and just loves them but can’t find a place to buy them in the Eugene-Springfield area in Oregon, First ones came from Costco but not able to find them there anymore, Are they sold any where else?

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  20. They had them at the Burlington, WA Costco and were sampling them…I discovered they are great and haven’t seen them in Costco since… I did find them on Amazon, but the price is outrageous…would be nice if they got them in grocery stores here in the pacific northwest

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  21. I absolutely love your cosomi cookie/cracker ….. I was at a race this weekend and they handed them out after . And I fell in love!!!!!. I had to run over to gelsons today and get me some…… I hope to find this at other stores asap!!!! Because I think I’m gonna need a lot

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  22. Can the Cosomo cracker/cookie be ordered by an individual?

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  23. I wanted to say I’m such a HUGE fan of your crackers ever since I was fortunate enough to get to try them. There’s no way I can afford it working two jobs to pay the bills, but may I please get a small sample of your spectacular crackers, or anything to promote your excellent products? I’ll be the greatest walking advertisement ever! Thank you in advance, an enthusiast!

    Erich Word
    8863 Lake Nora West Drive, apt. D
    Indianapolis, Indiana

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  24. In a Korean market I saw what I thought were Cosomi salty sweet cookie crackers but spelled Gosomi, otherwise I am looking for the above, originally got them at Costco but can’t find them anywhere in Honolulu and love them. Thanks!

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  25. Looking where to buy your Cosomi Salty Sweet cookies. I am in Claremont, Ca 91711.

    Originally purchased at Costco but no more!!

    They are so good

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